Nuova Caf ®

Nuova CAF® is the new name of the original company Colorificio Caf SRL, established in 1970 by Mr. Nino Allegrezza. The dedication and determination that Mr. Allegrezza has had from the beginning to this “new adventure” have made Colorificio CAF a point of reference for applicators, businesses and retailers who are looking for quality products and great service.

The birth of Nuova CAF® is the result of a major business restructuring, which bases its foundations in the experience gained in over 40 years of CAF history. The constant activity of the heirs was the ideal starting point for the current management; Today, in fact, Nuova CAF® is a modern and highly competitive team, which operates in the production, distribution, wholesale and retail.

colorificio caf azienda esterno
colorificio caf produzione

The Production

Since the early years of Colorificio CAF srl, the attention to the production and the product quality has always been the central point of the whole company life: “making quality products” is what still distinguishes the company on market, making it competitive and remarkable.


The production is entirely made in Italy, with Italian raw materials and Italian experience gained over 40 years. The Made in Italy is perceived not only in the technical aspects, but also in the aesthetic one: the quality, the taste and the sense of harmony, typically Italians, make CAF products a guarantee of high quality for both the Italian market and the international one.


The continuous chemical lab’s research activities and collaboration with professionals and architects allows the development and use of new technologies, applications and products, making the company perfectly flexible to the needs of a continuously changing market.

colorificio caf ricerca
colorificio caf futuro


The change in corporate structure can also be seen in the image of the company which comes with many new features in CAF® brand, starting from enlargement of product lines until arriving to a complete restyling of the layout of the buckets, brochure and color palettes.