Paint remover

Wall paint stripper WITHOUT METHYLENE CHLORIDE, conforms to the European Parliament and Council Decision 455/2009 / EC. Specific for wall paints, plastic coatings, fillers and all the wall paintings based on synthetic resins. It has a density such as to allow a perfect application both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Composition dichloromethane, hydrocarbon solvents, paraffin, surfactants
Appearance of product gelatinous, transparent
Application brush, spatula
Dilution ready to use
Grip time variable according to the nature of the paint and the thickness; generally from a few minutes for the conventional paints up to a few hours for those catalyzed
Time before the partial dryin the product remains moist and active, depending on the amount applied, for several hours after the application; where it becomes necessary repeat the application of a new layer
Action time 10-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the paint
Yield 2 sqm/L, 1 coat. (depending on the application, the type and thickness of the paint, the surface features to be treated and the ambient temperature)

20 KG – 4 KG – 0,750 KG

caf-icon-03Protect from frost


caf-icon-04Use white spirit
immediately after use

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