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KOSMO is the new decorative line of the CAF brand for interior decoration. As the name suggests, the line reminds to the universe and the brightness of celestial bodies, proposing metallic and shiny decorative effects which, thanks to the play of light and reflections,
give class and prestige to all the environments.

KOSMO, a universe for your home!
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VEGA – antique effect

VEGA owes its name to what astronomers call the most important star in the sky after the sun. Therefore, it gives an ancient and important effect to the interior, enhanced by chiaroscuro slightly in relief, neutral or golden.
It is particularly suitable to enhance the environment with an antique or rustic style, especially for the slight roughness and irregularity of the effect that the product gives to the wall.
The application is one of the easiest and allows to obtain good results even if performed by beginners.

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ADHARA – sand effect

As a nebula of stars, ADHARA illuminates and decorates the interiors giving a rustic and modern style at the same time. Small ceramic grains are wrapped in a mixture of gold or silver, creating a pleasant and elegant effect of metallic sand, with iridescent and metallic reflections. The ease of application also allows the beginners to delight themselves in the decoration of their environments, with enjoyable and satisfying results.

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ALTAIR – metallic effect

Inspired by the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, Altair gives a very elegant and precious metal finish on the walls. The combination of gold and silver bases with the 15 toners offers a wide range of colors and inimitable results that are perfectly suited to the most sophisticated needs and locations. The extremely smooth consistency of ALTAIR makes possible different methods of application and the realization of decorative effects such as the striped effect, the mosaic effect, the sea effect and the brushed effect, which often require the experience of the applicator.

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SIRIO – velvet effect

As the brightest star in the sky, from which it takes its name, SIRIO offers unique effects giving a refined and sophisticated atmosphere to the interiors. SIRIO is the most precious effect of KOSMO line: it represents the perfect synthesis between the elegance of Venetian Plaster and the softness of velvet. Available in golden and silver shades, SIRIO makes prestigious and refined all type of locations, both traditional and modern ones.
It requires the skills and experience of the applicator to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

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