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Solvent-based impregnating siliconic, organosiliconic, transparent. It is ideal for the treatment of different alkaline materials and not, such as concrete, stone, brick, fiber cement, terracotta, plaster, etc. … as it protects the masonry from water infiltration. It has a high depth of penetration and a good adhesiveness towards the wall surfaces, as well as a low moisture absorption even after long exposure to weather and frost. The treatment gives a pearly effect, is permeable to water vapor and blocks the salt efflorescence. The treatment gives a pearly effect and it is permeable to water vapor and it also blocks the salt efflorescence.


Composition solution of poly-methyl-siloxane in hydrocarbon solvents
Appearance of the treated surface natural, unchanged from the initial state
Permeability to water vapor excellent
Water resistance excellent
Solvents aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
Active substance 6-7%
Application brush, roller
Dilution ready to use
Yield 3-5 sqm/lt, 1 coat
Drying time quickly, but acquires its final effect only after a week or so at a temperature above +5 ° C

25 L – 5 L – 1 L

caf-icon-03Protect from frost


caf-icon-04Use white spirit immediately
after use

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