Antismoke paint

Antismoke stainproof paint, specific for interior surfaces with smoking problems, stains and excessive dirt. It is made with Good Year resins dissolved in odorless solvent. It can also be applied over old dusty paint due to its consolidating power. It allows you to cover easily the re-emergence of smoke stains, nicotine and moisture restoring an aspect clean and healthy to the environments. Ideal for public areas subjected to heavy wear.


Composition modified acrylic resin dissolved in odorless solvent, titanium dioxide, lamellar silicates
Appearance of product gelatinous, transparent
Recommended film thickness per coat 25-35 micron
Appearance of the dried product matt
Application brush, roller, spray
Dilution 20% with odorless white spirit Acquaragia Inodore (Caf)
Yield 4-5 sqm/L, 2 coats
Drying time dry to the touch 5-6 hours, hardened in depth in 24 hours

14 L – 4 L – 0,750 L

caf-icon-03Protect from frost


caf-icon-04Use white spirit
immediately after use

caf_pdf-02Data Sheet

caf_pdf-01Security Card