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Roll Brill is a plastic wall coating for interiors with a textured and glossy finishing. It’s formulated with special resins that give it an exceptional brilliance, which remains unchanged over time. It is perfectly washable, elastic, non-yellowing: for all these features is suitable in all environments that, for hygienic reasons should be washed regularly like hospitals, schools, public places, etc …


Composition non-yellowing styrene-acrylic polymers in water dispersion, titanium dioxide, selected fillers.
Dried product appearance Textured and glossy
Solid content/td> 48%±2
Abrasion resistance excellent
Weathering resistance excellent
Water repellence excellent
Strength of adhesion to the substrate excellent
PH 8,5-9
Application specific roller
Dilution ready to use
Yield 1,5 Kg/sq.m. according to the substrate.
Drying time Dried in depth after about 18 hours, depending on the environmental conditions.

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caf-icon-03Protect from frost

caf-icon-01White, Allegro color chart,
tints on request.

caf-icon-04Use water immediately
after use

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painting for interior use