Encapsulation asbestos cement

Solvent-based fixative made with Pliolite Good Year suitable to block the absorption of the slabs in asbestos-cement. After the evaporation of the solvent, the resin contained in the product is able to encapsulate the asbestos fibers that, otherwise, the degradation of cement-asbestos would release into the atmosphere. The tracer phthalo blue highlights where and in what quantity the product is employed. The product is certified according to UNI 10686 and it is suitable for neutralizing of asbestos concrete products (reference: D.M. del 20 Agosto 1999-tipologia A-B-C).


Solid concentration about 10%
Dilution ready to use
Application brush, roller, spray
Yield it depends on the degree of absorption of asbestos-cement, on the new one you can calculate approximately 0,250 L/sqm, while on asbestos cement old and heavily carbonated you can be up to 0.500 l/sqm

25 L

caf-icon-03Protect from frost

caf-icon-01Light blue

caf-icon-04Use synthetic thinner
immediately after use

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