Encapsulation asbestos cement

Elastomeric water-paint based on styrene-acrylic resins suitable for the finishing and protection of structures in cement asbestos. It adapts easily to structures geometrically complex ensuring a high level of protection and a long life. The treated surface becomes impermeable to water and walkable. The product is certified according to UNI 10686 and is suitable for neutralizing of cement-asbestos (reference: D.M. del 20 Agosto 1999-tipologia A-B-C).


Composition styrene-acrylic resins in aqueous emulsion with elastomeric properties
Nature of charges titanium dioxide, inert lamellar structure, ventilated quartz, crystalline calcium carbonate
Appearance of the treated surface compact, with a slight gloss
UV resistance excellent
Walkability perfect
Strength of adhesion to supports excellent
Elasticity of the film good, the lengthening depending on the applied thickness
Solid content 63 ± 2%
Dilution 10% with water
Application spray, brush, roller or trowel
Yield 3 sqm/lt, respecting a thickness referred to the two layers of different colors of 400 micron
Drying time about 24 hours depending on the environmental conditions

14 L

caf-icon-03Protect from frost

caf-icon-01White, grey, oxide red

caf-icon-04Use water immediately
after use

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