Lime products

Wall coating for external use, consisting of slaked lime, natural dyes and special vegetable and mineral oils. The finish can be satin (similar to marble) or rustic (similar to Venetian plaster), depending on the method of application. The finish obtained has a very good water vapor permeability and the presence of a chiaroscuro effects due to the different absorptions of the plaster below that allow the product to integrate seamlessly into historical contexts of considerable architectural interest.


PERFORMANCE High breathability and anchorage to the support, especially in the case in which the same support is comprised of lime-based plasters. it hinders the formation of mold, thanks to its natural composition and reduces the formation of efflorescence for the low presence of salts
COMPOSITION Product based on mineral binders with long seasoning, inorganic mineral pigments and selected fillers with different granulometry. organic components may not exceed 5%
APPEARANCE OF DRIED PRODUCT Mineral matt, veiled with chiaroscuros more or less evident
PARTICLE SIZE Superfine-grained 0.3 mm; fine-grained 0.6 mm; medium-grained 0.8 mm; coarse-grained 1.2 mm
VISCOSITY Thick paste
WEATHERING RESISTANCE Good, degrades slowly over time without phenomena of flaking
APPLICATION Steel/plastic trowel
DILUTION Ready to use
YIELD (2 coats) superfine-grained 1.6 kg/sqm; fine-grained 2,2 kg/sqm; medium-grained 3 kg/sqm; coarse-grained 4 kg/sqm approx, depending on the surface
DRYING TIME 24 hours, depending on the environmental conditions

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