Breathable/water-repellent paints

Breathable, water-repellent filler with excellent matte finish. Its application is easy thanks to the excellent brushability, stain and whiteness on absorbent supports. High filling power ensures homogeneous and uniform finishes. Particularly suitable for painting new homes and for the periodic renewal of internal walls degraded by wear.


Composition based on vinyl-copolymers, titanium dioxide and selected charges
Nature of the charges titanium dioxide, kaolin, semicrystalline calcium carbonate
Appearance of dried product matt
Dry residue 70 %±1
Grinding depth 3-5 μ
Viscosity at 20 ° C 20.000 cps ± 1.500 cps (A6 20’)
Average Film Thickness 60 μ
Rubbing resistance discreet
Adhesion strength to support good
PH 8-8,5
Application brush, roller, spray
Dilution 30-40% approx. with water
Yield 4-5 sqm / lt with two layers depending on the type of support
Drying dry 5-6 hours, deep dry 18 hours approx. according to environmental conditions

caf-icon-0214 L – 4 L

caf-icon-03Protect from frost


caf-icon-04Use water immediately
after use

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