Water-based enamel specific for wall, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, washable and with high coverage. It is formulated with special acrylic dispersions in water, with excellent resistance to light and weathering. Effectively protects the walls from the aggressive of dirt and usury, allowing you to keep surfaces looking like new. For its safety and absence of smell it is particularly suitable for indoors and hospital and where you want to restore in a short time the habitability of the premises.


Composition top quality acrylic resins.
Nature of the pigments inorganic and organic highly resistant to weathering
Solid content 53%±2
Recommended film thickness per coat 40-60 μ.
Dried product appearance satin
Viscosity at 20 ° C 15000 cps + – 1500 (A6 20 ‘)
Application brush, roller, spray
Dilution 10% approx. with water
Yield 6-7 sqm/lt, according to the substrate.
Drying time 3 to 4 hours in normal conditions of temperature and humidity.
Recoat 12-18 hours under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.

caf-icon-02 4 – 14 L.

caf-icon-03 Protect from frost

white, Allegro color chart,
NCS color chart, tints on request.

The coloring is possible with
the “Tinting System”

caf-icon-04use water immediately
after use

caf_pdf-02Data Sheet

caf_pdf-01Security Card

painting for interior use