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alltregro sistema tintometrico caf coloficio fano

We made a new tinting system, where the main difference compared to the one previously in use, is the use of innovative pastes V.O.C. free, that is, tinting pastes with a very low content of volatile organic substance. Surely you already know that in Italy, with Legislative Decree no. 161 of 17 March 2006 published in the Official Gazette, it has started the implementation of the European Directive 2004/42 / EC on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of solvents in paints and varnishes. The main purpose of this decree is to limit air pollution emitted by volatile organic compounds and very harmful for ozone. So, our new tinting pastes are ECOLOGICAL because they do not increase the V.O.C. of our colored products, differing from traditional tinting pastes rich in glycol and of volatile organic substance. Another important difference between the old system is the introduction, in the tinting system, of new products and especially of thickness coating products. All products included in the tinting system involve the use of a maximum of 3 bases: one white, one intermediate and one neutral. The system is able to provide you the opportunity to make the colors of the NCS palette with the water-based enamels, washable paints and all products for interior. For what concerns the exterior, whether it be paint or thickness coatings products, you can make all the 230 shades of ALLEGRO palette, updated recently with 90 new colors.


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