Road marking paints

Product based on synthetic resins, pigments and selected aggregates diluted in specific solvents, equipped with a rapid drying, excellent adhesion to asphalt, concrete, bitumen, it provides exceptional resistance to wear, abrasion and atmospheric agents. The high whiteness provides a good contrast with the dark pavement ensuring good visibility both day and night. It is used in the maintenance of a reflective road markings.


Composition short oil alkyd resins, chlorinated rubber, titanium dioxide, iron oxides
Solvents aromatic hydrocarbons
Dried product appearance matt
Solid content 65%+2
Viscosity at 20° 30-35’’
Abrasion resistance excellent
Weathering resistance excellent
Application spray, with a special striper machine
Dilution 5% with nitro thinner
Yield 0,700 kg/sqm with a thickness of about 180-200μ
Drying time dried in about 15 minutes at a temperature between +10°C and + 35°C and relative humidity not exceeding 70%

30 KG – 5 KG

caf-icon-03Protect from frost

caf-icon-01White, yellow, blue

caf-icon-04Use nitro thinner immediately
after use

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