Plasterboard paint

Matt breathable water-based paint for interiors, specific for plasterboard. Thanks to its excellent coverage, it is applied in a single coat. The product has a creamy-looking, ready to use and therefore easy to apply for any type of user. It has good abrasion resistance, excellent whiteness, ideal for painting any type of plaster, gypsum, etc.


Composition copolymers vinylversatic and selected fillers
Nature of the pigments talc, crystalline calcium carbonate
Dried product appearance matt
Solid content 65%±1
Particle size 3-5 μ
Rubbing resistance good
Strength of adhesion to the substrate excellent
PH 8-8,5
Application brush, roller, spray
Dilution ready to use
Yield 6-8 sqm/lt, for 1 coat
Drying time to touch 1 hour, dry in depth approx. 18 hours, under normal conditions of temperature and humidity

caf-icon-02 12,5 L

caf-icon-03Protect from frost


caf-icon-04Use water immediately
after use.

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